How to Use Automator on a Mac ?

  • Automator is a frequently neglected utility that gives you a chance to fabricate work process colleagues that can take dull undertakings and mechanize them for you.
  • Obviously, you don’t need to utilize Automator just for mind boggling or advance work processes—at times you simply need to computerize a straightforward assignment like opening your most loved applications and documents.
  • In this well ordered guide, we’re demonstrating how to utilize Apple’s Automator to manufactured a program that will open your preferred applications—just as any envelopes and website pages you every now and again use—with only a solitary snap.

What You Need –

I. Automator:- This application accompanies your Mac. The guidelines underneath are pertinent for macOS High Sierra, yet with a touch of tweaking, you can make it work for different variants of the Mac working framework, as well.

ii. Applications:- Compile a rundown of the applications you need to open consequently when you dispatch the program you’ll make with Automator.

iii. Envelopes:- If there are explicit organizers you work from all the time, the application you make with Automator can open them in Finder windows.

1. Open Applications and Folders –

I. Open Automator, situated at/Applications.

ii. Select Application in the window that springs up when you first open Automator. In certain adaptations of Mac OS, you may need to initially choose New Document and afterward Application as the layout type.

iii. Snap the Choose catch.

iv. In the Library list on the left of Automator, select Files and Folders.

v. Find Get Specified Finder Items in the center board and drag it to the board on the right-hand side of Automator. You can likewise double tap it instead of hauling it.

vi. Snap the Add catch to add an application or organizer to the rundown of Finder things. Continue doing this until every one of the things you requirement for your work process are Present.

  • Do exclude your default program in the rundown of Finder things—we’ll pick another work process venture to dispatch the program to a particular URL.

vii. From the Library sheet, drag the Open Finder Items to the work process sheet, beneath the past activity.

2. Working With URLs in Automator –

i.In the Library sheet, select Internet.

ii. Drag the Get Specified URLs activity to the work process board, beneath the past activity. This activity will incorporate Apple’s landing page as a URL to open—select the Apple URL and snap the Remove catch.

iii. Snap the Add catch to append another thing to the URL list.

iv. Double tap in the content box for the URL to change the URL to the site you need to open when you run your program.

3. Test, Save, and Use the Workflow –

I. Snap the File menu in Automator and select Save.

ii. Enter a name and area for your work process application and snap Save.

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