A Duplicate Name Exists on the Network ?

  • Subsequent to beginning up a Microsoft Windows PC associated with a nearby system, you may see one of the accompanying mistake messages:
  • A copy name exists on the system, a copy name exists, or a copy name exists on the system.
  • These mistakes keep a Windows PC from joining the system.
  • The gadget will start up and work in a disconnected mode as it were.

Why Duplicate Name Problems Occur on Windows –

  • Windows customers show “A copy name exists on the system” when two gadgets are identified with a similar system name.

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This mistake can be activated in a few different ways:-

I. Two Windows PCs utilize the equivalent, nonexclusive name.

ii. The neighborhood system is set up to utilize a Windows Workgroup, and the name picked for the workgroup is equivalent to the name of another gadget on the system, for example, a home broadband switch.

iii. A Windows server on the system is arranged with two diverse system names.

  • The PC on which these blunders are accounted for isn’t really one of the gadgets with a copy name.
  • Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 working frameworks use NetBIOS and the Windows Internet Naming Service framework to keep up a mutual database of system names.
  • Any or each NetBIOS gadget on the system may report these equivalent blunders.
  • Consider it an area watch where gadgets see an issue down the road.
  • The Windows mistake messages don’t state precisely which neighbor gadgets experience the name debate.

Step by step instructions to Resolve Duplicate Name Exists Errors –

To determine these mistakes on a Windows arrange:-

I. In the event that the system utilizes a Windows workgroup, guarantee the name of the workgroup is not quite the same as the name (SSID) of switches or remote passageways.

ii. Figure out which two Windows gadgets have a similar name. Check every PC name in Control Panel.

iii. In Control Panel, change the name of one of the culpable PCs to a name that isn’t utilized by other nearby PCs.

  • The name ought to likewise be not quite the same as the Windows workgroup name. At that point, reboot the gadget.

iv. On any gadget where the mistake message endures, update the PC’s WINS database to expel any reference to the old name.

v. On the off chance that a framework mistake 52 message shows up, update the setup of the Windows server with the goal that it utilizes just one system name.

vi. Overhaul any old Windows XP gadgets to a more current rendition of Windows.

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